2013 Contact Expedition Schedule

This expedition is full and has a wait list.   Please be sure to sign up at www.SiriusDisclosure.com as we will send out e-mails with the 2014 schedule when we have it.  Thank you for your interest.

September 29 – October 5, 2013: Arizona, USA Expedition and Retreat

We are so excited to invite you to join Dr. Greer for an expedition and retreat in AZ – in an area south west of Phoenix  where the Phoenix lights were seen and with a history of native peoples having sightings and contact.

The venue is a small retreat center set in the middle of national forest.

It is everything we have always wanted – quiet, private with open skies.

Our group of 20 – 25 will be the only people there.  We will have our lodging and meals on site and will be able to do our field work right there.

This is an extraordinary opportunity which allows more time for meditation, practice of contact protocols and remote viewing skills  and development of group cohesiveness.

We have been looking for such a venue for years …..and now we have found it.   Please join us for this 1st ever retreat with Dr. Greer.

In order to reserve your space please fill out an application and submit it.  If accepted you will get information about how to pay and reserve your space.

Once you have paid we will let you know the exact location.


1st time trainees: $3260 for 6 nights lodging and meals (continental breakfast, noon day meal, dinner), training materials (Dr. Greer’s contact training program) , tuition.

“Old timers” – very limited number of spaces – $1760 – for 6 nights lodging, meals and tuition.

Most rooms (1st come 1st serve ) basis are private rooms with private baths.

There are doubles with private baths available and there are a few folks who will have their own room but have to share a bath.  Once you have registered you will be given contact information for the retreat center manager who will make the room assignments.

The retreat center is 1 ½ hour drive from the Phoenix airport or about ½ hour drive from the Tucson airport.   We will give the website and actual venue after you have registered.  For privacy reasons  we want to keep the venue confidential so that only retreat participants know where we will be.

Beginners: $3260 includes – training materials, 6 nights at retreat center with meals, tuition

Experienced people – $1760 – tuition, 6 nights at retreat center with meals.

If you want to attend and have not been on an expedition before, please read through the schedule on the right, review your schedule and the pricing.  If you would like to come if accepted, please fill out an application.

If you have been on an expedition before please just write to etcontactnow@gmail.com and let us know when you were on an expedition .  There are very few places for “old timers”, but we will do our best.


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